Operation Shine America creates events that feature homeless youth, where anyone and everyone can hear their stories.


We are an advocacy, education, and outreach organization that raises awareness of the homeless youth epidemic in America. We inspire and empower the public through positive personal, local, and national activism. We mentor and empower youth to advocate for themselves and their community; while encouraging positive social change through community awareness training and community action. We celebrate cultural diversity by building positive bridges and mutual mentorship between communities.


We envision a harmonious world where respectful and compassionate communities work with one another, celebrating the authenticity and diversity of our cultures, strengthening the integrity of our collective society, learning new ways of living without fear, resolving any issues that cause imbalance to the collective, and establishing justice and full equality for all.

One moment can inspire the heart. One mission can empower a community.

One voice can transform the world.

Cai Noble


Cai has organized shines in dozens of cities. Formerly homeless herself, she now advocates for homeless youth.

    Jill Hardman


    Jill has walked across America in 2009 with Cai Noble, documenting different homeless youth camps on film.

      Berta Marquez


      Berta takes care of the internal needs of OSA and inspires the team from morning til night.

        WHAT WE DO

        Work to Improve Living Conditions

        We work to improve living conditions for homeless youth, particularly homeless youth in Utah. We advocate for improvements in outreach, care, and re-integration.

        Front-Line Crisis Work

        We do all we can to help youth as they are newly homeless.

        Provide/Gather Supplies

        We gather and distribute survival gear to homeless youth camps up and down the Wasatch Front.

        Empower Youth to Tell Their Stories

        We organize events called "Shines" where homeless youth are given the stage to tell their stories.

        Mentor Youth on Their Rights

        It's important for homeless youth to know their legal rights. This can be the key to keeping them safe and out of prison.

        Tell Stories through Multimedia

        We work to find and amplify the voices of homeless youth through photographs, and through video & audio interviews.


        Please contact us for more information.

        We are working hard to help homeless youth in any way that we can. Please support us by making your tax deductible donation today.

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